Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaccccckkkkk!

Seen any good movies lately?

As some readers (assuming I still have any left) know, I took a long break from writing film reviews and writing in general. The passion to write left me and the films of the past two years really bummed me out. I found the films of 2008 and 2009 so worthless and pathetic they sucked the joy of cinema right out of me. But I have gotten bit by the movie bug again by doing what I should have always done; just watch the classics. The movies that have inspired countless numbers of filmmakers. The movies that have stayed with us for decades and hopefully will stay with us for decades to come. Nothing can beat the great Hollywood films of the 1920s-40s. Definetely not anything being released today. And if you don't like that opinion, then I'm sorry to say, this blog isn't for you.

This blog cannot go back to the ways things were. Just as the song says "there'll be some changes made". And so there will. The old formate will be disbanded. No more "Masterpiece Film Series", which were roughly every tenth review. No more worries about trying to balance this blog with classic movies and current films. This is MY blog. I'm going to talk about what I want to talk about and the things I enjoy. With any luck, I will find readers who share my opinions and taste for films. Though, I also welcome the idea of people who aren't as familar with films as I am to use my blog to discover new titles. That would actually give me great joy. To know because of this blog I have introduced movies to people. Movies which you may not have otherwise seen, or in some cases, even heard of.

But more classic reviews won't be the only changes. I'm also going to focus more on essays and share more of my thoughts with you. Give you more of an insight into who I am and how I feel about the state of movies and movie fans in general. If I get a positive reaction, I'll keep it up. If I don't, then I'll simply stick to the reviews and keep "myself" out of it. I'll also try some "fun" things, like creating more lists.

This new attempt at the blog will become more personal. More personal in the writing and in the films reviewed. I fully understand as a result of that I may isolate some readers. Not everyone will share my opinions but in the end, I simply have to stay true to myself. This blog should be fun not a daily chore. It was becoming that before. It started to feel like a burden. That is why I needed a break. But now I'm ready to write again. I hope there are still people out there ready to read.